Welcome to allies.directory! Beta

The digital vendor network that delivers.

Beta has been launched to our 50+ partners in EE, FI & PL.

From cross-border partnerships, sharing dealflow, managing 'the bench' & 'borrowing' brain power, our partners get great results.

Eager to join in on the fun?

Request for access: priit@allies.digital

Software development is a tricky business. Using allies, we have an extended reliable partner network, and it really helps during busy periods & big projects.

Jurgen Herzmann
COO @ Singleton

We have a team of 40 really experienced developers. We are constantly juggling to find value-creating projects for them. I strongly believe that allies have helped us in that.

Ivar Merilo
Co-founder @ Thorgate

I really like allies approach. They have been constantly developing their offering and finding the pain points that AKU and other service providers face.

Alari Orav
Partner @ AKU
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